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With Plasma Pen being the newest and best technology on the market for the beauty industry right now, treatments are taking over the world! We achieve results as good as plastic surgery without having to undergo the knife. This cuts recovery time by half compared to plastic surgery. 


With Plasma pPen we are able to perform treatments on the face and whole body. Starting with a lovely collagen boosting facial, using high end products, leaving the face feeling refreshed, brighter and skin feeling tighter and rejuvenated. 


Plasma Pen activates the fibroblast cell in the blood which then boosts new collagen to be produced by the body, new collagen is naturally sent to the epidermis level creating fuller, fresher and brighter looking skin. 

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Plasma Facial - £120     (60 minutes) 

Plasma is the new anti aging facial (best from age 25 and above due to the natural collagen reducing in the body until the body finally stops producing its own collagen by the age of 30)

With a plasma facial we use fractional and permeating tips that are used with an electric plasma pen which activates the fibroblast cell in the blood stream kick starting the new production of collagen. This is an anti aging skin tightening and hydrating facial high end treatment. We clean the skin and then use a hyaluronic acid ultra sound gel to exfoliate and work the hyaluronic acid gel into the natural skin to give it a boost of hydration along we then move onto the flat tip (permeating tip) with a high end serum which contains frankincense, rose hip, vit c and other anti aging products to leave your skin feeling tighter brighter and radiant.

Plasma Facial with Peeling - £150     (90 minutes)

This is an advanced Plasma pen facial with fruit based enzyme peel to give even more effective results.

Plasma Peel - from £100

Plasma Peel is a re-surfacing and rejuvenating facial.

This is a treatment for people who have acne scarring or uneven skin tone / pigmentation. It works by removing the top layer of the epidermis which then reveals new fresh skin without any pigmentation marks or scarring. This treatment is not the relaxing facial treatment but it is a step up from the usual chemical peels. It is a treatment that needs to be considered and thought about properly.


There is dry healing time frame for this plasma peel and after care needs to be followed exactly as advised by the plasma technician.


A course is adviced for 4 weeks for ultimate results.

We give a complimentary tinted spf 50 foundation with these treatments.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not wash face after facial for 48 hours, and don't go to gym or swimming either.



We can also remove moles, skin tags, sun spots along with skin tightening in any area of the body. Stretch mark/tiger stripe removal, upper bleparoplasty, lower bleparoplasty, perioral winkles, crows feet and SO much more! 

For more informations and prices please book a FREE consultation with our Plasmologist Professional!



Call Georgina our advanced plasmologist on 0740 5818 416 or email us via


We look forward to meeting with you and explaining in full all treatments offered. 

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