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Manicure And Pedicure

Our fully qualified and well experienced therapists provide manicure and pedicure treatments at a very high standard. We have around 150 different colours to choose from and we also use a variety of different brands to ensure we can cater for everyone's needs. 

Express Nails / Toes - £20 / £17     (30 minutes)

Nails/Toenails cut, file into shape, cuticles pushed back (no cut) and finished with a nail polish. A quick treatment when you have little time for a manicure or pedicure.

Manicure - £24     (45 minutes)

Treat yourself to a full manicure that includes nails filed into shape, hand soaked and cuticle

treatment, nail plate buff and shine and finished with a nail polish of your choice.

Japanese Manicure - £27     (45 minutes)

If you wanted to keep your nails natural but needed some extra care, this ancient

technique is about buffing nutrients deep into your nail bed to make your nails

super healthy so that they shine on their own without the need for a drop of polish.

The peculiarity of this treatment is that all the products used for it are made from

natural materials: no synthetic chemicals of any kind are used.


Normal Pedicure - £30     (60 minutes)

A relaxing treatment with perfect results. Begins with soaking your feet, cut and shaping toenails also treating cuticles. Then followed by removal of excess dry skin, using high quality product treating your heels and moisturising skin of your feet. The treatment will be finished with a nail polish of your choice. 

Gel Manicure - £30     (45 minutes)

Gel Manicure + removal - £34 (60 minutes)

Gel Pedicure - £37     (75 minutes)

+ Gel Removal - +£5   (+15 minutes)  


A nail colour that lasts for weeks. Our gels don't damage nails, it gives strength to them and

helps them grow. After the treatment, nails are strong, flexible and natural looking.

The colour dries instantly without leaving a sticky layer so nails are ready to go straight away. 

Gel Toes Only - £28     (45 minutes)

French Manicure - +£5

Nail Art from - +£3

Removal of the Gel Only with Shaping Nails - £15 (+ Vitagel £3)

Dry Pedicure

E-Pedicure (with precision mashine)

No water, No soaking, No foot file. A new way of getting amazing finish and results that will last longer than a normal pedicure. 

We don`t use blades, "cheese grater", don`t cut your cuticles. We use a precision mashine to clean your cuticles.

This pedicure is designed to remove and reduce hard skin and stubborn calluses, reducing and improving fissures and cracks to polish the foot to perfection. 

Basic Dry Pedicure - £32 (30 minutes)

This pedicure will treat your toenails, cuticles, removes hard skin and we finish the treatment with foot cream and nail polish. 

Luxury Dry Pedicure - £37 (60 minutes)

This pedicure includes the basic pedicure steps with additional exfoliation, hot towel and a relaxing massage that helps to ease tension.

+Gel polish + £8 (+15 minutes)

+Gel removal + £5 (+15 minutes)

+Paraffin wax treatment +£13 (+30 minutes)

Can be added to any pedicure treaments. The Paraffin is applied to retain and increase moisture in the skin. It is also effective in softening calluses an healing dry cracked skin, especially on the heels.

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Nail Extensions


 A soft gel nail extension system designed by the market leading The Gel Bottle Inc company. No dust, no odor, less filing and no damage to natural nails! 
Try this system as an alternative option to traditional acrylic or hard Gel extensions.

This new system will save you time as it can be applied in as little as an hour. Looks neat, even and very thin. 
It is strong and durable like acrylic and flexible as gel. 
It lasts upto 3-4 weeks and can be removed and re-applied. 
Gel polish application included in the price.

New Set - £42 

Removal + New Set - + £47

Removal Only - £19

Builder In A Bottle™,  BIAB Builder

Designed by the market leading The Gel Bottle Inc company. There are a range of soak off gel builders ideal for creating strong overlays and as a strengthening barrier for natural nails. No chipping or lifting, which helps grow natural nails; can be infilled or soaked off; can be left nude or finished with gel colour.

Overlay on Natural Nails - £34

Nail Extensions - £40

Infills - £37

Removal Added to a New Set of Overlay - +£5

Removal Added to a New set of Extension - +£5

Removal Only - £19

Acrylic Nail Extensins

Acrylic nails have a long history of dependability and durability that people enjoy. They look good and they are strong.

If you have naturally weak nails and it seems like nothing else is working, acrylics could be a great option for you. The acrylic nails are added and built up to the right shape and thickness for your nails. The actual acrylic is a combination of a powder polymer and liquid monomer that cures as it dries into the hard nail covers we know and love.

New set - £45

Infills - £40

Removal Added to a New set of Extension - +£10

Removal Only - £17

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