Founder Beauty Therapist

I have studied finance and worked in bank for years before I followed my dream to become beauty therapist and open my own salon. 

I am qualified in nail services also in all beauty treatments and have more than 10 years of salon experience within Europe and England.

I have worked in beauty salons for years and started my own beauty business within a hair salon 4 year ago in Coulsdon. 

With all my experience and knowledge in January 2020 I have decided to open my own salon in Coulsdon Town and offer a wider range of treatments and services within one salon.

My passion is offering high quality services in every aspect! 

I am specialised in acrylic nails and eyelashes but enjoy doing other beauty treatments too.



Nail Technician

Art has been something I’ve been interested in since I was in high school.


I followed that through to college to study levels 2&3 hair and makeup.


I left college and ended up training to do nails and beauty.

Most of my clients know I love a bit of glitter or nail art.

With more than 3 years salon experience I am confident to say nails is my passion.

I’m always trying to improve my skills one way or another!


I am SB STUDIO`s nail specialist and also doing eyelash lifting!

I can’t wait to meet you and help to achieve your best look!



Hair Stylist

I have been fully qualified in all aspects of hair for 10 years. 


During my career I have gained  a lot of experience from working in busy salons all over London as well as having the opportunity to work in London Fashion Week.


I am confident in all aspects of hair and I thrive on colour transformations and enjoying using my masters colour knowledge.


Client satisfaction is my key focus and I enjoy working and getting to know all individuals to give them their bespoke new look.



Beauty Therapist



Beauty Therapist

I am an Advanced Plasmologist (level 4 anatomy and physiology) as well as Million Dollar Platinum Technician. 

In the past I used to do hair extensions for 5 years before moving over to beauty therapy.

I have had over 7 years experience in salons as well as working from home.

Few years ago I have decided to branch out into the more higher end treatments.


Currently I am a brand ambassador for Louise Walsh international plasma pen. 


I am able to remove sun spots, skin tags, warts and moles.

I can perform skin tightening also improving the appearance of stretch marks as well as upper blepharoplasty and also plasma peels.

I can treat active acne and so much more.


I absolutely love what I do and I love to make clients feel their very best.


I also do body needling and hand rejuvenation.

The skin on the body is the largest organ and my interests of the skin is what led me down the beauty road.

With being a Million Dollar Platinum Technician I can give you the full work for facials including micro needling and dermaplane.

I can also prescribe home care products which isn`t available in shops as well as nourishment drinks which help the whole body and the skin.

It’s so important to feed the skin to slow down the signs of aging. 


If there is anything you want help with please book a free consultation with me and I’ll be happy to help in any way possible.


I am very natural and down to earth person (there is nothing I haven’t seen) so please don`t hesitate to contact me with any skin concerns.

I like to make my clients feel at ease as much as possible and also feel their best after treatments.

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