Swedish Massage

This type of massage is commonly used for relaxation by releasing tension in muscles

that are used daily. By shooting tired muscles toxins are flushed out benefiting those

who suffer from lower back, shoulder or neck pain. The common movements used in

Swedish massage help to improve the blood circulation through the increase of

oxygen entering the muscles.

Back, Neck, Shoulder         £20     (20 minutes)

Back, Neck, Shoulder         £30     (30 minutes) 

Full Body                            £50     (60 minutes)



Deep Tissue (Sport) Massage 

This type of massage is usually used to treat strains and sprains, athletes, runners. It targets deeper muscle tissues by using greater pressure. It helps to release tight muscles and surrounding tissue; break up scar tissue; promote faster healing through increased blood flow reducing inflamination. 

Back, Neck, Shoulder         £25     (30 minutes)

Full Body                            £25     (30 minutes)

Full Body                            £45     (60 minutes)

Relaxing Massage