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MICROBLADING(£300) 1.5-2 hours

Microblading is a cutting edge method of permanent makeup designed to enhance the eyebrows. It is one of the most popular beauty treatments today thanks to the range of benefits it provides to the clients. It is a hyperrealistic technique of drawing eyebrows manually using micro blade.

Our eyebrows are also a powerful weapon in nonverbal communication. With their color, shape, and position on the face, our eyebrows give a positive and strong character to the person who wears them. In addition to character, properly drawn eyebrows make a person undoubtedly more attractive. 


Besides saving you time for drawing eyebrows every day, Microblading treatment has a strong impact on self-esteem in various situations when the make-up can be erased. In the rain, at the seaside, during exercising: clients who use Microblading technique never have to fear that their makeup will melt off. With only one treatment, clients get eyebrows that last between one and two years.

If you have sparse brows or no longer want to pencil your brows in every day then this treatment is perfect for you. Microblading is the most natural form of semi permanent make up for the brows. Hair strokes are created using a micro blade creating the perfect brow for you.

The brows are measured to your face using a compass based on the golden ratio.

We use Phi pigments that are colour matched to your brow hair so after healed the bladed strokes will blend in with your natural hair.

(Please note! Patch test required prior the treatment)





















The semi-permanent makeup technique for sparse, light-colored or over-plucked brows. Unlike microblading, shading fills in thin brows with small dots rather than natural hair strokes, which is safer for sensitive or oily skin.

If you’ve always dreamed of picture-perfect brows but have ruled out microblading for its incompatibility for sensitive or oily skin, then you might want to give powder brows a go. 

It creates a denser, thicker brow, using dots of pigment instead of strokes, and the results resemble perfectly-applied eyebrow powder.

Skin type isn’t the only factor when considering permanent brow technique: there is the aesthetic aspect. Powder Brows is recommended for people who just want a little extra oomph, or a total brow makeover. 

The small, pin-point dots in shading can be as subtler or bold as you like. 

Soft Powder Brows: subtle, borderless powder effect. 

Powder Brows: Natural looking but bolder look with colour fading towards the front and top

of the eyebrows.

Ombre or Soft Ombre: colour of the eyebrows fading towarsd the fron of the eyebrows. It can be

as bold or as soft as you like. 


These techniques are best for individuals who want a natural-looking but well-defined eyebrow

which they don’t have to recreate each morning with makeup.

(Please note! Patch test required prior the treatment)


COMBINATION BROWS (£315) 2.5 hours

Hair strokes and shading combined to give more definition. 


Top Up Following First Appointment    FREE (included in the new set price upto 6 weeks)

Top Up upto 3 months   £55   (1hour 15min)

Top Up upto 6-8 months £115  (1hour 30min)

Top Up upto 9-11 months £141  (1hour 45min)

Top Up 12 months+   £158  (1hour 45min)

Top Up 18 months+   £175  (2hours)

Top Up 24 months+   £200  (2hours 15min)

These prices apply for PMU treatments performed in SB STUDIO. If you had a previous pmu or microblading elsewhere please contact us for a consultation. Treatment plan and price will be quoted during the consultation.  


How to prepare yourself for the treatment?


To achieve the most beautifully natural brows for your face, you will get the absolute best results by prepping for the appointment and following the aftercare. The eyebrow area must be healthy, strong, non-sensitive and non-irritated.


1 month before

-NO Anti wrinkle injections or any fillers 4 weeks prior

-NO facials for 2 weeks prior

1 weeks before

-NO Tinting, Waxing or Electrolysis

-NO Retinol products

-NO Tanning or intense Sun Exposure


24 hours before

-NO Caffeine (yes that means coffee)

-NO Vitamine E or Fish oil Supplements

-NO Excessive Sweating or Working out.


Post treatment care makes 50% of the total treatment success. Conscientiously adhere to the given advice because if not, you can risk loosing up to 80% of the drawn strokes. At the end of your session, we will provide you with an aftercare kit that has everything you need for the 7-10 days healing process. This may vary per skin type, but 10 days recommended for the best results.


  • 30 minutes after the treatment gently wipe the area with the solution given. Do this every 2 hours until you go to sleep. Make sure it`s done 3-5 times for the day. (after Microblading) Gently dab the area with clean cotton pads wiping off any lymph fluid few times until it stops. (after PMU)

  • Day 2&3: gently wipe the area with the solution given morning and evening. Be extra careful not to rub the brows hard. After apply a thin layer of the skin candy ointment. (after Microblading) Gently clean and wash the afected area with antibacterial soap, don`t use too much water. Dab dry it afterwards and use the provided ointment in a very thin layer. (after PMU) 

  • Day 4-14: you may clean morning and evening with the solution. After cleaning you may apply an extreamly thin layer of the skin candy.  ointment. If you have oily skin don`t use the ointment. (after Microblading) Clean and wash the affected area with antibacterial soapy water and dab dry it gently. Use the ointment if tight and dry. (After PMU)

  • Avoid getting the treated area wet for 7-10 days. Do not put your face directly under water in the shower.

  • Do not scrub, rub or pick your eyebrows. Let the skin flake off naturally. 

  • No sweating or excercise for 7 days.

  • Avoid topical makeup on the treated area for 14 days

  • Avoid any treatments involving touching the brows (facial, lash extensions..ect.) for 14 days

  • Avoid sauna, steam room and swimming pool for 14 days.

  • Only use the supplied ointment. Other products may negatively affect the colour retention. 

  • No facial, anti wrinkle injections, chemical peels or microdermabrasions for 4 weeks.

  • No major sun exposure or tanning for 2 weeks. After healing apply sunscreen to the brows to protect from sun fading.

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