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Description: A cleansing stress relief body wash to leave the skin super clean, moisturised and body relaxed.

Skin type/condition: All skin types.

Benefits: The deep aroma of natural essential oils assist with relaxation and easing of daily tension.
This hygienic dispensing body wash ensures effective and thorough cleansing.
Soap free to leave skin feeling soft and moisturised.

Key ingredients: Coconut cleansing agents offer soap free cleansing.
Glycerin softens and hydrates the skin, while Essential oils of Mandarin, Petigrain and Lavender provide a relaxing aroma.

Homecare use: Dispense into hands, foam with water and cleanse body. 
Alternatively, may be dispensed to dampened wash cloth or exfoliating cloth. 
May be added to bath for a relaxing soak.



Restelle Body Wash

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