LVL Enhance - £45 / £50     (45 minutes)

Length, volume and lift for your natural eyelashes. Enhance your natural lashes by lifting them at the root to create the illusion of longer thicker lashes. No maintenance afterwards. It lasts up to 6-8 weeks. Eyelash tint (top lashes only) included. Skin test is required min. 24 hrs before the treatment. We use the multiple award winner Nouveau Lashes products to perform the original, long lasting and perfect LVL lash lift.


Without Lash Tint - £45

With Lash Tint - £50


Strip Lashes - £15     (20 minutes)

We offer to sell and put on strip lashes if you are runnung out of time or don`t want to bother with that at home. Get ready for your event by our therapists. We have got a variety of different lenghts, style and volume to choose from. 

Lashes included in the price.

Eyelash Extensions

We use the market leading London Lash Pro premium products to achieve the best results from our lash extensions. Lashes are very soft, fluffy and doesn't feel 'fake'.  Extensions lasts aprox. 6 weeks without infills. 

(Please note: due to the normal sheading of our natural lashes they start to fall out slowly from 2 weeks onwards.)


Classic Lashes - £62     (90 minutes)

This technique is known as the lash by lash technique (1D). Lashes come in different thickness and lengths. The length and thickness affect the weight of the extension. In order to maintain healthy growth of your natural lashes, it is important to ensure that the right thickness and length is selected prior to the application. 


Infills from 1 hour - £28 (up to 14 days)

                                £38 (up to 21 days)

                                £48 (up to 28 days)



Volume (Russian) Lashes

These lashes are ultra fine synthetic lashes that are made of the same material as classic lashes. However they are much thinner so we are able to apply more than one lash to each natural lash. These are applied in a fan-like shape, which adds to the volume look. Each lash fan hand-made during the treatment. That's why application takes longer. 

Available in 2-6D volume fans. 

2-4D - £82     (2 hours)

Inills 2-4D from 1 hour 30 min - £42 (up to 14 days)

                                                     £52 (up to 21 days)

                                                     £62 (up to 28 days)


5-6D - £89     (2.5 hours)

Infills 5-6D from 1 hour 45 min - £49 (up to 14 days)

                                                     £59 (up to 21 days)

                                                     £69 (up to 28 days) 



Hybrid Lashes - £72     (105 minutes)

These type of lashes are a mixture of the classic and 3D volume lashes. 

Infills from 1 hour 15 min - £38 (up to 14 days)

                                           £48 (up to 21 days)

                                           £58 (up to 28 days)


Time Saving Volume Lashes (3-6D) - £94     (105 minutes)

This service isn't available by online booking. Please enquire via email or phone. 

This treatment is perfect for those people who cannot lie down for long period of time due health problems or pregnancy or simply just don't have the patience for it but still want to get those beautiful looking lashes. 

For this type of lashes we use handmade but pre-made fans to reduce application time. It will give the same result and same look in a well reduced time limit.


Infills from 1 hour - £54 (up to 14 days)

                                £64 (up to 21 days)

                                £74 (up to 28 days)


We recommend getting infills done with all type of lashes every 3 weeks to keep them full. Also looking after your lashes is very important not just to keep them always beautiful but for your natural lash health too. Therefore we give a full lash cleansing kit (foam bottle, cleanser, cleansing brush) with all full set of lashes to make sure you have got the right products and tools to maintain them. (included in the price)

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